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pimp mah error messages, it has a full link to the Trac with pre-filled title, traceback, url, hg revision fields
    Our custom WSGI application

from qmsk.web import wsgi

import urls, error

# our custom app with custom error() method
class Application (wsgi.Application) :
    def __init__ (self) :
            Construct wsgi.Application with our URLMapper

        super(Application, self).__init__(urls.mapper)
    def handle_error (self, exc_info, env, start_response) :
            Use error.build_error and return that
        # get info
        status, content_type, body = error.build_error(env=env)

        # headers
        start_response(status, [('Content-type', content_type)], exc_info)

        # body
        return body